5 Crypto Jokes After the Bloodbath

Another week that seemed to be pretty similar to the past few in terms of prices – until the fated Wednesday night and Thursday morning, when the market dropped and so did our hopes and dreams. However, there are many pieces out there detailing what is happening in the market, how people are reacting and what we can expect. What this means for our weekly meme piece, meanwhile, is that we get to laugh at ourselves. It beats crying any day.

This week, we stuck up with customers still expecting their fiat withdrawals at Bitfinexdetermined that but some otherstablecoin has a centralizing backdoor, and accompanied the BCH difficult fork race with bated breath. at the same time asready on those results, retail massive goal’s Twitter was hacked by Bitcoin scammers, a man went to prison for stealing crypto, and it turns out that Faketoshi did lose the BCH warfare after all.

Regardless of what your side in the BCH hard fork was, let’s dive in now.


Top 5 Crypto Jokes After the Bloodbath
1. Probably the best Drake parody you’ll see around, just because it hits so close to home.


2. Bulls popping bubbles.


3. Well, not as much as they used to, it’s true.
20 Crypto Jokes After the Bloodbath 101


4. To clarify, they mean last December, which doesn’t mean we can’t hope for a bull run this time around as well.
20 Crypto Jokes After the Bloodbath 102


5. What it felt like to trade these days.
20 Crypto Jokes After the Bloodbath 103


6. (Bonus ) Jackie Chan would like you to know that you should have done the same.
20 Crypto Jokes After the Bloodbath 105


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