Basic Attention Token(BAT) Is Making A Negative V-Pattern Against The Level Of $ 0.150

  • Basic Attention Token turned green in today’s market, yet suffering downfall.
  • The BAT/BTC pair is performing negatively with the overall plummet of -2.9%, bringing the level to 0.00002121.

Prices are falling and volatile after it touched the crucial resistance level of $0.150, it didn’t allow prices to make a climb. The market condition is slightly good in comparison to last week yet there are many factors currently present in the market which is serving in loss to the cryptocurrency.

There is a negative charge of $ -1.68% in the value of the altcoin

BAT is currently holding onto the support of the price level $0.1400 which is trying its level best to help out prices in developing a gradual positive nature. There is a resistance of $0.150 which is not allowing prices to make a positive move and 140 was not able to help prices cross it.

Currently, the price levels are trading in the negative divergence. Current market capital of BAT is $212,272,597 USD with volume traded of $75,000,709USD and circulative supply is at 1,442,992,564 BAT.

Basic Attention Token Price Analysis


The technical chart shows that there is a gradual fall with the bearish momentum, as they are inviting negative trade. there is slight positive trade but that won’t be enough for the pieces to break bearish momentum.  

Technical Indicators are showing the heavy increase in selling volume due to the bearish dominance but oscillators are reflecting that there is an increase in buying trade of cryptocurrency.

MACD levels are showing that there is an increase in the buying volume of currency which means that positive momentum can continue its trade.

RSI struggling  was trading at the top of the bearish zone but now it had acquired a negative momentum and currently, it is falling towards the level of 50

CCI reached the top of the normal zone after falling from the highest point possible of the over buying region.

Resistance Level $0.1500
Support Level  $0.1400

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