Binance Coin (BNB) Prices Struggling Against The Bears At $18.00

  • BNB acquire a bullish trading pattern but end up losing it.
  • Prices to maintain an up-surge towards the resistance line of $18.00
  • The BNB/BTC pair is performing well and trading with a gain of 64% bringing the level 0.001970002. 
  • The price level of $17.30 is providing key support to the Binance coin.

Binance Coin BNB bears manage to put a halt in the positive trade as a flat trend and negative momentum is emerging.

Currently, BNB prices manage to maintain a support level near $17.45 and now they are falling downwards again about to test this level.

The Resistance level of $18.00 is a major challenge as prices end up becoming weak after they come in contact with this price line.

Binance coin prices did try to acquire this price level of 18.00 today but face a negative divergence.

The heavy bearish line is developing there as breaking it can also lead prices for a smooth take-off towards the price level of $20.

BNB’s current market capitalization is $2,728,816,315USD with volume traded of $ 404,391,965 USD, and a circulative supply of 155,536,713 BNB.

Binance Coin Price Analysis


The Binance Coin chart indicates that prices are climbing up after negative fall and flat trends in them.

Technical are favoring prices as they are turning blue and showing a heavy increase in the buying volume.

MACD levels are showing that buying volume and selling volume is moving head to head with each other,

RSI takes a positive divergence from the normal region but again it starts moving in bearish pattern as a pump and dump trade was recorded.

The same goes for the CCI level as Binance coin prices are falling in the normal zone. BNB prices took a positive divergence but acquired bearish momentum right away after touching the top of the region.

Resistance level: $ 18.00

Support level: $17.50

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