Blockchain, Ledger release ‘First-of-Its-kind’ Cryptocurrency hardware pockets

Cryptocurrency web wallet provider Blockchain has struck a deal with hardware wallet producer Ledger to manufacture a custom hardware device that will allow Blockchain users to seamlessly manage their online and offline funds through a single familiar interface.

Unveiled on Thursday, the Blockchain Lockbox, is, according to an announcement, a “first-of-its-kind hardware and software” solution. Leveraging the strengths of both companies, the Lockbox will provide Blockchain users with a way to move a portion of their funds offline, further securing them from hacks, while also having the option to leave funds in the firm’s non-custodial web wallet, which can be accessed apart from the hardware device.

“The Lockbox is a reflection of what our companies both do best. We’ve created an elegant software and hardware integration that offers more functionality than previously existed in our space. We’re thrilled to offer the Lockbox to Blockchain users so they can easily manage their funds online and offline seamlessly,” said Peter Smith, CEO and co-founder of Blockchain.

blockchain lockbox cryptocurrency wallet
Source: Blockchain/Ledger

The device appears to utilize Ledger Nano S hardware, though it features custom Blockchain firmware rather than the standard version. Ledger said that deliveries of the device, which is now available for preorder for $99.99, should begin in mid-November.

“With memories approximately crypto hacking continuing to dominate headlines, it’s obvious that protection should be pinnacle of thoughts for all stakeholders within the crypto area,” brought Pascal Gauthier, president of Ledger. “With the mixed forces of Blockchain and Ledger, customers are definitely getting the first-rate of both worlds. Our partnership with Blockchain is the first of its kindbut as two companies hyper-centered on crypto protection, it’s one that’s a herbalhealthy.”

appreciably, the statement said that current Ledger customers can have the option to pair their Nano S wallets to the Blockchain pocketsoffering them with the competencies to control their on line and offline price range together as well as get admission to Blockchain’s inter-pockets buying and selling feature.

Trezor, every other large cryptocurrency hardware pockets producercurrently updated its wallet management interface to permit customers to alternate between cryptocurrencies via brokerage services ShapeShift and Changelly.

However, both Ledger and Trezor could soon face a stiff challenge from electronics giant Sony, who, as CCN reported, this week unveiled a cryptocurrency hardware wallet system that it said it plans to “commercialize” in the future. Sony’s wallet, which is the size of a credit card, uses contactless IC technology to store private keys offline while allowing users to easily sign transactions from NFC-enabled mobile devices.

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