Coin Race: Top 10 Winners – Losers of September and 3Q

Although September brought no sign of a bull run, the bears seem to be losing their strength as well. A total of 16 coins out of the top 50 by market capitalization registered a net gain throughout September – more than a fivefold leap from only three that managed to do so in August.

And although the number of coins in red remains big, the losses are smaller than they were in the previous month, the last month of the 3rd quarter this year.

Top 10 Winners

Coin Race: Top 10 Winners / Losers of September and 3Q 102
Source: Coincodex. UTC 6:20 AM, October 1

Electroneum (ETN), the cellular based totally cryptocurrency, gained a superb 218.7% inside the month of September – extensively extra than anyone else among top 50 cash. Dogecoin (DOGE), meanwhile, diligently keeps going up: a internetbenefit of more than 90%, whereas August added it 87.55at the time. Ripple’s notable surge also placed it excessive on our winners listbecause the coin received a net of 70.seventy sixin the beyond month. only one more similarity amongAugust and September exists: Monero (XMR) had been on the winners listing in each months, however in inexperienced in September with a internet benefit of 10.08%.

Top 10 Losers

Coin Race: Top 10 Winners / Losers of September and 3Q 103
Source: Coincodex. UTC 6:20 AM, October 1

Augur’s REP token remains on the list of losers, this time topping it with a net loss of 32.16%. This is also the only shared similarity on this list between August and September. Another noteworthy member is Ethereum (ETH), its price down by almost 20%. However, things are not as bleak as they were previously: only Augur registered a loss greater than 30%, whereas in August, all the losing coins lost more than 30%. The most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin was also among losers in September – it’s price dropped by more than 5%, compared with the 10% drop in August.

Winners & Losers from Top 100/200:

In the top 100, Electroneum’s gain is overtaken by Odyssey (OCN) which boasts a gain of almost 300%. Interestingly, the rest of the list stays very similar, with only a few newcomers such as ReddCoin (RDD) and Dropil (DROP), both of which gained more than 50%. The top 200, meanwhile, brings new players to the block, namely Bitcoin Interest (BCI) which gained more than 900% and Switcheo (SWH) at plus 278%.

The top 100 losers introduce coins such as Bitcoin Private (BTCP) that has lost 38.93% as the topper. In the case of the top 200 losers, the situation is much more dire: TaTaTu (TTU), one of the biggest winners in August, now lost more than 72%.

Also, let’s take a look at Top 10 Winners and Losers of the 3rd quarter.

Top 10 Winners, 3Q

8 coins, Bitcoin and Ripple including, managed to stay in green throughout the quarter, while Metaverse ETP (ETP) and Dogecoin led the pack:

Coin Race: Top 10 Winners / Losers of September and 3Q 104
Source: Coincodex. UTC 8:45 AM, October 1

Top 10 Losers, 3Q

All top losers lost more than 50% of their value during the quarter. Biggest drop was registered by Pundi X (NPXS) and Tezos (XTZ) that saw their tokens going down by 69% and 65% respectively.

Coin Race: Top 10 Winners / Losers of September and 3Q 105
Source: Coincodex. UTC 8:45 AM, October 1[alert-note]Source:[/alert-note]

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