Fortnite Blackout Continues and Twitter Is Blaming Elon Musk

Fortnite players were treated to a singularly mysterious ending to Season 10 over the weekend. Players of the multiplayer online shooter game logged on Sunday to participate in The End event. At around 2 p.m. Eastern Time, a rocket exploded. The explosion collapsed into a black hole that pulled in the entire Battle Royale map and all the players.

Epic Games had been hyping up The End event for weeks, and the spectacle has so far lived up to the hype. Players had been expecting a new map after Season 10, and seeing the old one collapse into a black hole seems to confirm the rumors. But many hours of waiting later, the new map has yet to emerge.

When Will Fortnite Blackout End?

Monday morning Fortnite still hasn’t updated with a new map. Players can’t start a match. They can’t build in creative mode. They can’t do anything at all. The entire Fortnite community is on Twitch together just staring at a black hole that’s been swirling on the screen for going on 24 hours now.

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