Russian Talent Show: 5 Actresses Who Stand out for Their Spectacular Figure

The competition in domestic cinema has reached such a peak that it is already difficult to surprise the audience with one acting talent. “Russian Talent Show”

A great advantage is given to actresses who immediately catch their eye with their attractive figure. Such girls can decorate any scene with one of their presence, which is also a very valuable talent. And even if it is not an easy task to look into their eyes, the audience still loves to watch them in the frame.

Natalya Kosteneva

Natalya Kosteneva

Many learned about the talented actress thanks to the series “Hares +1”, where she played the role of a stunning beauty with a magnificent figure. Since then, Natalia’s career has not developed so rapidly, she prefers theatrical roles, draws pictures and lives for her own pleasure – and she is very rarely shot in films, every few years. She was simply tired of playing the monotonous beauties, and the directors did not notice other talents of the actress because of her impressive body.

Maria Shumakova

Russian Talent Show

Charming beauty has long been the star of Russian TV shows. On the screen, Mary often has to demonstrate her magnificent figure, but the audience will not dare to say that she is deprived of acting. Her roles are always diverse, from simply beautiful girls to complex and serious characters, to whom she invariably adds grace due to her attractiveness.

Yana Koshkina

Yana Koshkina

Until recently, a little-known actress, now Yana is one of the most popular girls in Russian cinema. The beauty worked on her appearance and began to receive many offers. At first, Yana got episodic roles of rustic but beautiful girls, whom she made bright thanks to her magnificent figure. And now she has managed to significantly diversify her acting repertoire.

Anna Semenovich


One has only to talk about figured actresses, as many will immediately call Anna Semenovich. In the past, an athlete, then a popular singer and actress, despite countless talents, most of all fans always noted Anna’s figure. The girl was often suspected of unnatural ways to enhance her beauty, but no evidence was found.

Ekaterina Kabak

Ekaterina Kabak

Actress, fashion model and TV presenter – Ekaterina managed to prove herself in many areas, and everywhere she achieved success, largely due to her natural beauty. From childhood, the girl performed in the theater, and in recent years began to play in many popular series. The figure of Catherine is even noted by fashion magazines, which put her in first place in many tops of the most beautiful actresses.

Ekaterina Kabak 2

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