Tezos (XTZ) Is Unable To Maintain Its Steady Climb, w

  • Tezos prices are prone to price fall, after taking an impressive rise in the market, XTZ loses its connection with the bulls.
  • The XTZ/BTC pair performing negative with the loss profit of – 0.40 % bringing the level to 0.00026877.
  • XTZ is unable to go against the resistance level of$1.90

XTZ is facing heavy volatility in the prices between the level of $1.80 and $1.60. After recovering its recent low, Tezos prices are again in a position to adopt negative divergence.

After breaking crucial resistance level of $1.50 prices did acquire strong bullish momentum and climbed major price levels but when they were about to go against the resistance level of   $1.90 they made a significant price fall today.

The market capital is at $1,176,554,036USD with volume traded of $194,894,523 USD and circulating supply of 704,414,602 XTZ. With a negative change of  $-6.76 in the price.TEZOSSource:tradingview

The technical chart indicates that XTZ ‘s prices are forming a tendency to fall again. Now a good sign for XTZ traders.

The technical indicators and oscillators are showing an increase in the selling volume due to the fact that bulls collapsed again the resistance level of $1.90

The MACD levels had a dominating bullish momentum but it’s about to slow down as selling volume catches up with the buying volume.

The 24-RSI  suffering a fall from the bullish region but still trading above the level of 50.

The24hr-CCI falls down to normal region due to the increase in selling volume of XTZ

Resistance Level: $1.90
Support Level: $1.50

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