Tezos (XTZ) Prices Recovered After Falling Down To The level Of $1.88

  • Tezos prices again witnessing heavy resistance due to the price level of $ 2.10 and it did fall against this level in today’s trading
  • XTZ prices came short against maintaining a gradual climb above this level
  • The XTZ/BTC pair performing positively with the overall gain of 3.39% bringing the level to 0.00027831.

XTZ prices finally re-acquire the prices level $2.07 against the heavy resistance level of $2.10 that is providing heavy resistance to the upsurge of the cryptocurrency. Prices are still struggling to acquire a heavy bullish momentum, as Tezos prices failed to continue its gradual rise above this level many times.

The price level of $2.00 is supported by the prices so that they can have a positive divergence. Prices need to maintain dominance at their current level to maintain a gradual rise upfront. If Tezos is unable to do so, again they will be exposed to price volatility and bears.

Currently, the prices are at the level of $2.03. The market capital is at $1,432,199,421 USD with volume traded of $250,022,200 USD and circulating supply of 705,020,740 XTZ. With a positive change of -2.44 in the price.

Tezos Price Analysis


The technical chart indicates that prices are developing a positive trade and bulls are not backing off. There is no negative trade present in the prices currently but only positive and flat. 

The technical indicators and oscillators are showing an increase in the buying trade as it’s blue indicating that prices can climb father due to the increase in the buying trade. 

The MACD levels are showing an increase in the buying volume and selling volume is also chasing it but bulls are dominating the cryptocurrency’s movement. 

The 24-RSI is trading near the level of 75 in the heavy bullish momentum, it had a sharp negative divergence but again it acquired the flatted momentum and continuing its trade. 

The 24hr-CCI is trading at the top of the normal region with a slight negative divergence in it. 

Resistance Level: $2.10
Support Level: $2.00

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