Tezos (XTZ) : XTZ’s Prices Unable to Maintain Sustainability.

  • Tezos prices facing heavy volatility in the normal region due to the market conditions and unable to maintain sustainability in the prices.
  • The XTZ/BTC pair performing positive with the overall profit of 2.17 % bringing the level to 0.00026877.


The 7day-weekly chart indicates that there is a heavy volatility in the prices near the crucial normal level. After facing the negative region twice this week, Tezos prices are struggling to make a gradual rise.

The  price level of $1.50 is providing heavy resistance to the prices and they are unable to reach this level. The resistance level of $1.50 made a crucial price fall today, leading the prices to fall below the normal region

Currently the prices are at the crucial normal level. The market capital is at $966,598,667 USD with volume traded of $193,813,295 USD and circulating supply of 703,960,945 XTZ. With the positive change of  $1.42 in the price.

Tezos (XTZ) Technical Analysis:


The technical chart indicates that there is a continuous downfall in the prices of XTZ due to the down-trending nature of the market.

The heavy bearish presence in the market is not allowing crypto assets prices to make a steady climb and providing a major resistance to them.

The technical indicators and oscillators are showing increase in the selling volume due to the fact that bulls run out of steam and there is a major dominance of bears in the market. It is a concerning issue for crypto traders.

The MACD levels are facing heavy bearish momentum due to the heavy selling volume of crypto asset

The 24-RSI  suffering due to the heavy selling volume as  it is in the bearish zone of the normal level and did reached to the over selling region once today.

Resistance Level: $1.50
Support Level: $1.45

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