VeChain (VET) Maintaining An Ascending Trajectory Despite The Inconsistency  

  • VeChain is trading with bullish momentum and seeking a positive climb in the crypto market.
  • Even though prices are rising, there is a slight variation in them due to the current global market factors, yet bulls are making their way up.
  • The VET/BTC pair is also performing a slight profit of 0.66 % positively, bringing the levels to 0.00000046.

The VET prices have an upsurge, and they break the resistance level of $0.00290 and $0.00300 and tried to continue this up streak, but it all faded against the crucial resistance level of $0.003200.

VET prices touched the resistance level of $ 0.00320 and instantly suffered a negative divergence. Prices badly want to achieve this price level as they are continually marinating their climb slowly and firmly towards this price level.

The cryptocurrency has acquired strong support of price level of $002800, which is performing well in favour of VET prices.

Currently VETs’ market capitalization is $169,502,967 USD with volume traded of $84,757,901 USD and  circulating supply of 55,454,734,800 VET.

VeChain Price Analysis


The VeChain price chart indicates that the bullish momentum is trying to make an up-surge, but there are lots of alternations like the prices. At a slow and steady pace prices are climbing up, but they are struggling against this volatility.

The technical indicators and oscillators are not in VET’s favor as they are showing a decrease in the buying volume of a cryptocurrency. 

The MACD levels are trading with bullish dominance, which is a good indication for the cryptocurrency holders as there is a dominance in the buying volume of a cryptocurrency.

The 24hr-RSI is showing that there is a heavy change in the prices and they are unable to maintain sustainability and currently trading between the level of 50 and 40. 

The 24hr CCI  suffering a heavy price variation as there is a volatile pattern showing market volatility. This can be a negative indication.

Resistance Level: $ 0.00320
Support Level: $ 0.00280

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